Laura Novak



My Story...

My journey in the field of wellness began in 2005.  After suffering from headaches and migraines throughout my life I found relief for my pain through massage therapy.  This relief changed my life dramatically and I began my quest to help others also find a way to diminish the physical pain and injuries they suffer from.  I love to focus on working with clients who are experiencing pain, my goal is to help people develop holistic pain management programs - reducing their pain and increasing their quality of life!

What to expect during your session with me...

Your session will include a comprehensive intake, assesment of your problem areas, hands-on massage work, self-myofascial release, and movement coaching.  Please be prepared for movement coaching by wearing or bringing comfortable clothing.  If you wish to wear gym shorts  (and a sports bra) for your massage this is an easy way for us to work both on and off the table in an efficient manner.

In my sessions I utilize a wide variety of bodywork assessment and techniques to help clients source and work through pain in their bodies.  I have realized that even once the pain relief begins using manual bodywork techniques there are lasting components that need attention.  This is what fed my desire to learn more and begin to incorporate corrective exercise, movement coaching, and wellness coaching, and functional nutrition counseling into my practice at Unfurl.

 I am a lifelong learner and sharing my knowledge of the body with others is my passion in life. I look forward to continuing my massage practice while learning more effective ways to facilitate wellness and healing in the years to come.  I am truly dedicated to helping others understand their body and facilitating their healing to promote a healthier and happier body.  I look forward to working with you on your quest and am truly grateful for the abilities to do so.

Inclusivity at Unfurl...

I am dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for everyone.  I feel strongly that all persons should have equal access to wellness services, regardless of age, gender, and race.  I have specific experience working with a wide variety of clientele including but not limited to:

-Transgender men and women, LGBTQ+ community members

-Chronic pain diseases

-Acute pain and post-accident care

-English as a second language clientele

-Survivors of trauma

Coursework and Trainings...

  • 2007 - Completed 700-hour certificate in Massage Therapy from Chippewa Valley Technical College
  • 2007 - Obtained Wisconsin State Certification for Massage Therapy
  • 2007 - Obtained National Certification for Massage Therapy and Bodyworkers
  • 2008 - Completed 400-hour certification in Eastern Massage Therapy from East West Healing Arts Institute (including internship in China)
  • 2008-2015 - Completed all coursework in Neuromuscular Therapy (Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy) under Hanna Franke and Center for Neurosomatic Studies
  • 2014 - Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from UW Madison
  • 2017 - Corrective Exercise Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • 2017 - Completed WellCoaches Intensive for Wellness Coaching
  • 2019 - Completed 200 hour yoga teacher training RajaHatha School of Yoga
  • 2020 - Currently completing Yamuna Body Rolling Certification
  • 2020 - Currently studying to be a Functional Nutrition Counselor at Functional Nutrition Alliance

  • 2007-present - Certification in CPR/AED for Healthcare Providers
  • 2018-present - Coursework in Orthobionomy from Morel Stackhouse

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