Life and Wellness Coaching with Gail


Hello! My name is Gail Campbell and I am certified as a Life and Weight coach through "The Life Coach School," and I specialize in Health/Wellness coaching; having also obtained a coaching certification through Wellcoaches.

I use a “causal” coaching technique, which emphasizes getting to the root or cause of the issue/problem and solving for it rather than managing the “symptoms”. For example, rather than just focusing on a person’s actions in their effort to lose weight, together, we also look more closely at Why you haven’t been able to lose the weight and keep it off. 

 I love this kind of coaching, and use it on myself daily!  When clients are ready, it allows us to “take a deep dive” into what is going on for you beneath the surface and allows you to find the answers for yourself in order to create the life you truly desire.

I bring nearly 30 years of experience working as a Firefighter /Paramedic for the City of Madison Fire Dept., and in my last 3 years I worked and helped develop the Community Paramedic program. Through this program we used coaching skills to help people navigate through the healthcare system as well as discover and work through their personal barriers standing in the way of living their best lives.

I found that coaching was a significant part of supporting, educating and advocating for patients from all walks of life in the Madison Area.  My  training and experience as a community paramedic was the breading ground for my interest and passion for coaching. 

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